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The backbone to any security camera system is its control equipment. More and more businesses’s and residences are using digital video recorders as the recording and control backbone to their systems due to the enhanced features like remote monitoring, DVR controlled motion detection for security cameras and scheduled recordings that offer crystal clear images that can be burned right to CD or compact flash card.

Interactive Security

Netvoice Solutions offers patented security and interactive technology to provide best in class protection and the ability to monitor your property 24/7. Netvoice Solutions utilizes advanced interactive security solutions to provide the most reliable home and business monitoring service.

Smart Home Security System Benefits

Deter crime and provide solid evidence for the police if an incident occurs.

A digital video recorder is a device that allows video images to be stored on a video disk. This means no more tapes.

Digital technology, using a digital video recorder makes navigation through video playback much faster and easier. One advantage of a digital video recorder over a VCR is that playback will never be degraded over time. Picture quality with the use of a digital video recorder is higher due to higher resolution than analogue recorders. Digital video recorder footage is more likely to match the resolution quality of the high resolution professional CCTV camera. 


Analogue security systems feature a VHS recorder, which is usually the lowest resolution part of the system. If a camera digital security system’s camera has 480TVL- we want to be able to match that high resolution all the way through to the hard drive. The digital security system also archives video that holds up far better over time, it is virtually showing a new image every time an image is played back. It is not likely to degrade over time. Somewhere along the line an analogue camera must present a digital image to be recorded, this is usually done by the recorder.

Many digital security systems use recorders that are designed to record video onto a hard drive or series of hard drives built into a machine. Storing this video directly to the hard drives, managing the files, images can be much less complicated because of built-in software in the digital security system. 

This is allows the digital security system to transfer video onto CD or DVD burners which can be networked by pc or externally attached. Some digital security systems have these built-in. When the hard drive on a digital security system becomes full, it starts to rewrite the oldest video first and record in a continuous loop.